Graphic Standards

Graphics Standards

Use of Official Graphic Elements

University identification is based on the recognition and correct use of five primary graphic elements that are the foundation of a coordinated system of visual representation. The graphics standards program for Texas Southern University, which consists of these graphic elements and an explanation on their use, has been designed to support the University’s goals for producing clearly identifiable, high-quality communications for the public.  At Texas Southern University, these elements are:

  • Official seal
  • Maroon and grey logo
  • Athletic Tiger logo
  • Athletic symbol
  • Athletic logo

Much of our identification is also transmitted through secondary elements such as:

  • Use of the traditional colors (maroon and grey)
  • Standardized publication formats
  • Consistent type usage

Other logos support a systematic and unified approach in the presentation of Texas Southern University to its various constituencies.

These secondary elements are:

  • KTSU Choice logo (pending trademark approval)
  • Thurgood Marshall School of Law logo
  • Jesse H. Jones School of Business logo
  • College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences logo (pending trademark approval)
  • College of Continuing Education logo

Key elements of the graphic identity program are:

  • Logo Signature
  • Color
  • Applications

The University supplies artwork for reproduction. It is available by contacting:

  • Office of General Counsel (ext.) 7470 or
  • Department of Athletics (ext. 6829)

Photocopies or printed images of these graphic elements that have been scanned or clipped from existing publications should not be used for reproduction purposes.  The visual identity guidelines are designed for use in all internal and external publications, and both print and electronic communications.

The following information elaborates on the significance of each of these elements and provide guidelines.

The Official Seal 

As its name implies, the official seal symbolizes formal authority vested in the university.  The seal is a mark of authentication and institutional sanction.  It signifies the academic character of the university and is appropriately used in support of official university policies, decisions, ceremonies or other formal actions of the university as an academic institution.  In order to maintain its integrity and effectiveness, the seal should not be used for informal, routine or promotional materials, or for materials not directly related to academic purposes.  The Texas Southern University seal is a Registered Trademark symbol. 

A graphic representation of the seal is appropriate on printed materials such as:

  • Academic certificates and awards

  • Diplomas

  • Commencement programs

  • Course Catalog 

  • University reports                                                                                                            

  • Policy manuals   

  • Formal job announcements                                                                                 

  • Formal invitations 

  • Official stationary and business cards

The maroon and grey logo serves as a cornerstone upon which the graphic identity program is built and as a signature to identify Texas Southern University materials.    The combination of the University colors and TSU’s name are referred to as the logo signature.  This image used in its entirety is the primary logo of Texas Southern University.  It is made up of the Nameplate (TSU) with the University’s colors in the background.  The logo is an integrated design unit and should not be rearranged in any way.

University Mascot

The athletic Tigers logo, athletic symbol and athletic logo 

The Tigers Mascot artwork, name and symbol are Registered Trademarks of Texas Southern University and may not be used in any form without permission from Texas Southern University or its agents.